Strydom family

We stand for: family, strength, tenacity and reaching for the stars; relentlessly pursuing excellence in winemaking and life.

Our love and passion for wine, vineyards and soils started at a young age. The logical step for both Louis and myself was to study and achieve a B.Sc Agric in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch, and a Diploma at Elsenburg Agriculture College. These qualifications and achievements made it possible to take our passion to the next level. Through this constant commitment to wine, we have both been invited to become Cape Winemakers Guild members, a core group of South Africa’s leading winemakers. To be included is a great honour and a humbling experience.

After striving to make wines of excellence for people who share our passion for many years, a moment arrived where opportunity and possibility collided. From that, we took a leap into the great unknown by purchasing our own land, and planting our own grapes.

Louis looks after the viticulture side of the business. I am charged with transforming his handiwork into wines that can capture their origins and the personality of where they are grown. The goal is to create wines that will evolve and improve for years to come, and enable us to build a legacy for the Strydom Family brand.