foto Greg Sherwood MW
foto Greg Sherwood MW

De wijngaard en wijnen
Fruit for the Great Red is sourced from mature vineyards of 15 years and older. Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from lower altitude foothills of the Simonsberg where some wind protection is offered. This allows the Cabernet Sauvignon to ripen gently, resulting in a softer tannin profile. Cinsault is sourced from a higher lying vineyard on the Bottelary Hills, planted in the early 70’s. Small concentrated berries are produced that gives a wonderful fruit concentration and purity. The Cabernet Franc is planted on a gravelly, weathered sandstone soil on the foothills of the Helderberg which gives a very intensely structured wine and a wonderful intensity to the final blend. The Petit Verdot is picked from the Simonsberg where tiny berries result in incredible fruit concentration.

Fruit for The Great White is sourced from mature vineyards of 20 years and older. The vineyards are situated at altitude, thereby benefitting from cooler conditions. The vineyards tend to be a little “wild”, competing with the elements. Mountain vineyards are extreme in that they are difficult to access, they are exposed to the climate and therefor develop a resilience and will for survival which is displayed in the flavour intensity of their fruit. Yields are naturally low, fruit is naturally exposed to the sun and disease pressure is naturally low due to the wind intensity.

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